GC3 has signed the Agreement of Cooperation with CyBureau Institute for Cyber Policy Studies (Israel)

On November 3, 2021, the Agreement of Cooperation has been signed between the Global Cyber Cooperative Center GC3 and the CyBureau Institute for Cyber Policy Studies (Israel).

Such cooperation is aimed at the development of both institutions by increasing scientific and academic exchange and cooperation in various fields, where there is a mutual interest in creating of the specific protocols on cooperation.

GC3 and CyBureau have agreed on the following common goals and activities:

1. Development of joint courses, curricula or even joint academic and non-academic programs in areas of mutual interest, taking advantage of complementary educational infrastructure and experience.
2. Development of joint research projects that provide access to complementary research infrastructure and experience, sharing and protecting common intellectual property rights.
3. Organize symposiums, conferences, short courses and meetings on topics of mutual interest.
4. Support common projects and positions in associations of which both institutions are members.
5. Meet periodically, if deemed desirable, to review and evaluate past activities and to work out new ideas for future cooperation agreements.

The CyBureau Institute for Cyber Policy Studies creates content and provides education and training to empower citizens, Internet and information technology users, seeks to raise digital awareness and cyberhygiene, and shares relevant knowledge with people.