GC3 has signed a memorandum of partnership and cooperation with the National Police of Ukraine

On September 7, 2021, a Memorandum was signed as to cooperation between the Global Cyber Cooperative Center and the National Police of Ukraine.

The purpose of this Memorandum is to define the terms of partnership and cooperation aimed at:

  1. Prevention of the use of cyberspace for illegal purposes.
  2. Exchange of information, knowledge and experience on existing and potential cyber threats, best practices for detecting and eliminating cyber threats.
  3. Support in finding and recording factual data on cybercrime.
  4. Improving the effectiveness of preventing and combating cybercrime, strengthening cybersecurity and law and order in cyberspace.

GC3 and the National Police of Ukraine determine the main areas of cooperation:

  1. Analysis of the information on security threats, ensuring prompt response to cyber threats.
  2. Identification, stopping, neutralizing and preventing cyberattacks, restoring information lost as a result of cyberattacks, eliminating the consequences of cyber incidents.
  3. Search and fixation of factual data on cybercrimes, accounting of cyber incidents.
  4. Providing information support on new cyber threats and round-the-clock access to news about cyber threats in Ukraine.
  5. Ensuring the participation of representatives of the parties in the events, projects, meetings organized by the other party in order to achieve common goals in the field of cybersecurity, exchange of experience and data.
  6. Development and implementation of preventive, organizational, educational and other measures in the field of cybersecurity.
  7. Ensuring the development and security of cyberspace.

According to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles of Cyber Security of Ukraine. National Cyber Security System”
The National Police of Ukraine provides protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, interests of society and the state from criminally illegal encroachments in cyberspace; takes measures to prevent, detect, stop and detect cybercrime, raise public awareness of security in cyberspace;

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