GC3 has signed a memorandum of partnership and cooperation with the NBU

On September 24, 2021, a Memorandum on cooperation between the Global Cyber Cooperative Center and the National Bank of Ukraine was signed.

The purpose of the Memorandum is to organize cooperation and coordination in combating cybercrime, cooperation in cybersecurity and cyber defense, aimed at preventing, identifying and effectively regulating and combating current cyber threats, raise information security and situational awareness, protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, public and state interestsfrom illegal encroachments on the use of information, telecommunication and information-telecommunication systems, as well as to raise awareness of citizens about security in cyberspace.

GC3 and the NBU define the main areas of cooperation:

  1. Exchange of information, references and analytical materials, best practices for detecting and eliminating cyber threats.
  2. Combination of professional and resource potential in the search, collection and analysis of artifacts on the grounds of cybercrime and cyber fraud in the banking and financial sectors of Ukraine.
  3. Development of methods, recommendations and / or proposals for the prevention of cybercrime and cyber fraud that occur or are committed in the national segment of the Internet.

The National Bank of Ukraine is an entity that directly implements cybersecurity measures within its competence.