GC3 has spoken at the Cyber ​​Crime Forum in the United States

On September 13-16, 2021, the epresentatives of GC3 took part in the Forum for Combating Cybercrime, which was held by one of the oldest and the most influential centers in the world – NCFTA (National Cyber ​​Forensic & Training Alliance) in Pittsburgh , USA.

This annual Forum has brought together more than 500 participants from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Israel and Ukraine. The participating countries were represented by various law enforcement agencies, private businesses that develop products to combat online crime, and educational institutions that create educational products in the sphere of cybersecurity.

During the Forum, the head of the GC3 analytical department, Leonid Tymchenko, presented a model for combating online fraud of his own development and demonstrated the unique opportunities of GC3 profiling, was talking about successful cases of cooperation with US law enforcement agencies.

Also, during the Forum, GC3 representatives were holding talks with delegates from the American Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3, the Japanese Japan Cybercrime Control Center JC3, the Israeli Q6 Center, the investment group Fidelity Investments and a number of other cybersecurity stakeholders.

As a result of the activities, GC3 has received support from the public and private sectors of the four countries for further cooperation in the field of combating cybercrime.