Main Highlights of the Week: August 1-7

Main Highlights of the Week: August 1-7
Executive summary

During the 5 months of the war, the IT army blocked more than 6,000 russian online resources.1

In July, hackers tried to «penetrate» Ukrenergo’s IT protection 146 million times. 87% of «appeals» are from russia and from the temp”orarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where russian operators work in violation of international rules. This is not just a record. Ukrenergo’s cyber protection experienced the peak load in the 20s, when it was reported about the successful export of electricity to Europe and the state’s profits from it. IT-army has blocked more then 6000 web-sites from russia during 5 monthes of the war. 2

Main Highlights of the Week: August 1-7

Polish hackers from the Anonymous-affiliated Squad303 group have promised to expose European companies’ ties to russia. On Twitter, the Squad303 group reported that the russian authorities included it in the list of the four most active hacker groups protecting Ukraine.3

Ukraine in Cyberspace 

  • The Ukrainian Startup Fund allocates grants of up to $35,000 for military-tech projects. These are projects in the field of defense, cyber security, infrastructure reconstruction, education and health care. 4
  • Odesa Mayor’s Office closed access to the deputy portal and the petition site due to hacker attacks that coincided with rocket attacks.5
  • The IT Army of Ukraine calls on the Ukrainian and global IT community to support the #russiaIsATerroristState flash mob. The initiative was launched by Ukrainian IT experts. The goal is to change the name «russia» to «russia is a terrorist country» on all sites and online systems where it is possible to select a country or language. 6

russia’s Position in Cyberspace 

  • On the morning of August 1, KILLNET and KillMilk announced a «new-level attack» on the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin, which produces HIMARS MLRS, which the US supplies to Ukraine. 7
  • The Ministry of Digital Affairs of the russian federation plans to increase the cyber literacy of r 8
  • The number of hacker attacks on state authorities in the Stavropol Krai reached 2 million in six months. Over the past month, more than 70,000 hackers tried to interfere with the work of information authorities. 9
Cyber attacks on Ukraine


  • the website of the Scientific Yearbook «History of Religions in Ukraine» has been hacked; 10
  • the site of the Brodiv City Council has been hacked (a video was posted showing a russian hacker with a tricolor). 11
video was posted showing a russian hacker with a tricolor
Cyber attacks on russia


More than 6,000 online resources were attacked by the IT army of Ukraine between February 26 and July 30 12:

  • The work of the websites of state institutions of the russian federation stopped, due to which russians could not receive state services, conduct financial transactions and even enter an educational institution.
  • National and regional media sites and online television have been blocked, preventing enemy resources from spreading propaganda.
  • Military dealers and online drone stores have been suspended to prevent the russians from supplying their killer soldiers with the necessary equipment.
  • The CRM system had been disabled, as a result of which the work of many enterprises stopped and the economy of the russian federation suffered.
  • The website of roscosmos, where the russian federation threatened and published satellite images of NATO centers, was taken down.
  • russia’s largest tender platform roseltorg, which belongs to the government of Moscow, was blocked, which led to the leakage of confidential data of russians.
  • Business services, tender platforms, online accounting services, Internet providers, services for buying air tickets and insurance, online services for courier delivery, food orders, online shopping, etc. have been also blocked.