Main Highlights of the Week: September 12-18

Executive summary

The third stage of the cyber war is now underway, and russia’s attacks are directed mainly against civilian infrastructure. 1

Ukraine conducts test attacks against its systems: a team has been created that constantly, 24/7, tests systems and attacks them. Thanks to this, it was possible to find many vulnerabilities in the direction of critical infrastructure by January and prevent further problems. This is how Ukraine managed to survive the cyber war. 2

Ukraine in Cyberspace

  • In the USA, the Blue & Yellow Heritage Fund was launched, which will invest in Ukrainian startups in the following areas: cyber security and defense, technologies and AI, production automation, robotics, energy, etc. 3
  • «Dialogue on Cyber Security» was held in Kyiv, during which they discussed issues related to the creation of a National Plan for responding to emergency situations in cyberspace and strengthening the protection of critical infrastructure facilities.4

russia’s Position in Cyberspace

  • roskomnadzor noted that since the beginning of 2022, there have been about 60 large leaks of personal data in russia, during which 230 million records with personal information of russians became publicly available. Not only personal data such as name, address and phone number are compromised, but also medical data, data on behavioral characteristics, consumer preferences of people. 5
Cyber attacks on Ukraine


  • The most powerful DDoS attack on Monobank. 6


  • Attack on the Telegram channel of the «Apostrophe» website. 7
Cyber attacks on russia


  • More than 2,400 online resources were attacked by the IT Army of Ukraine in the period from August 29 to September 11:8
  • The largest banks of the russian Federation (Gazprombank, Moscow Credit Bank, Sovkombank);
  • Online services of car dealerships (the largest online site for selling cars and spare parts –


  • Electronic document management systems at dairy enterprises;
  • Propaganda mass media (Rambler, Gazeta.Ru, MK). Also, on the central TV channels of the Crimea, schoolchildren and students received greetings from the President of Ukraine on September 1.
  • The electronic voting system in Moscow has undergone about 4,000 hacking attempts. 9
  • The website of the public headquarters for monitoring the elections was subjected to a massive attack. 10
  • CAS, UCA and DF cyber movements hacked the official website of the CSTO and made the archive with the source code publicly available, promising to continue their activities. 11
Main Highlights of the Week: September 12-18


  • Demand on behalf of the HakNet and KillNet groups to «stop the bloody Moscow wheel» on the hacked website of the Sun of Moscow observation wheel.12
  • Main Highlights of the Week: September 12-18
  • The websites of Mosoblenergo and the Crimean information server were hacked. 13
Main Highlights of the Week: September 12-18