Main Highlights of the Week: August 22-28

Executive summary

Переклад: For half a year now, Ukrainians have been courageously fighting off the russian invaders, who started a full-scale war on the territory of our country in February. We defend ourselves not only on the battlefield but also successfully repel attacks by russian hackers in cyberspace.

During the six months of the war, the Government Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA, which operates under the State Special Communications, registered 1,123 cyberattacks.

Most often, cybercriminals attack the Government and local authorities. Also among the main targets are commercial and financial institutions, bodies of the security and defence sector, energy sector enterprises, transport industry and telecom – all infrastructure that works for the population’s livelihood. 1

Main Highlights of the Week: August 22-28
Main Highlights of the Week: August 22-28

The independence and freedom of Ukraine do not give rest to the russian invaders. The enemy usually becomes more active on important public dates. By Independence Day, August 24, increased attacks by russian hackers were expected, but no hacks were reported. 2

Ukraine in Cyberspace

  • The Ministry of Digital, State Special Communications and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of cyber protection.3

russia’s Position in Cyberspace

  • According to Yulia Tsvetkova, director of personnel management of rostech, there is an acute shortage of IT specialists in the russian labor marke

Cyber attacks on russia


The IT Army of Ukraine attacked:

  • Popular online money transfer services in russia – koronapay.com and yoomoney.ru5
  • The russian job search site SuperJob, which referred the temporarily occupied Ukrainian regions to the russian f 6
  • Large propaganda russian media: TASS7, RIA NEWS8, МК9.
  • Retail company DNS, which now imports goods into the russian federation through the so-called parallel import. 10


  • On the page of the FSB of the russian federation in Wikipedia, unknown people replaced the information and talked about the real tasks of this unit (among them providing disinformation, legalizing deception, managing the «troll factory»). 11
  • Thanks to the IT Army, Crimean Internet providers: Miranda-media12, Farline13 and KRELKOM14 congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day.

Data Leakage:

  • Ukrainian hackers hacked Right Line, the largest online banking software provider in russia and the CIS. In total, about 600 GB of data was leaked. 15
  • Hacker group Anonymous hacked CCTV cameras in the in the kremlin. 16