The 21st of March, Cyber Digest


Cyberattacks on the sites of military administrations of Ukraine

On the 18th of March, the residents were warned about the possible posting of fakes on the website of Lviv Regional Military Administration. “Now the official website of the Lviv Regional Military Administration is being attacked once again – it is possible to place inaccurate information on it! Please do not pay attention to the information that is currently posted on the site – work is underway to restore its proper functioning, “- it was said in a statement. See the source

“A cyber attack has been carried out on the website of Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration. All information on the site is not true! We are doing everything possible to regain control over the resource,” – The Facebook page of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration informed on the 19th of March. According to Zhytomyr.info, the website of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration posted an appeal of the Russian occupiers entitled “Information about the special operation conducted by the RF Armed Forces.” See the source


Unknown have hacked the russian social network “Vkontakte”

On behalf of the official community, users were sent true information about the war of the racists against Ukraine. In particular, they said that russia had started the war against Ukraine, and the aggressor state itself has many problems and it is facing a default. 12 million Vkontakte users received the messages. See the source

The 21st of March, Cyber Digest