The 22nd of March, Cyber Digest


Activity of Anonymous

On the 21st of March, hackers from Anonymous threatened the companies that remained in russia. “We call on all companies that continue working in russia and pay taxes to the budget of the Kremlin criminal regime: get out of russia! We give you 48 hours to think and leave russia, otherwise you will be our target!” – wrote Anonymous.

The resources of the following corporations are under threat: InternationalPaper, Abbot, Cargill, Otis, Subway, Burger King, Nestle, Raiffaisen Bank and others. In total, the list includes more than 40 companies. See the source

Biden warned the country about the possibility of a large-scale cyberattack by russia

US President Joe Biden has said the United States could be cyberattacked by russia against government agencies and critical infrastructure. The head of the White House announced this in an official statement issued on March 21, citing US intelligence, Ukrinform reports. “Earlier, I warned that russia could resort to malicious cyber activity against the United States, including in response to the unprecedented economic consequences we have caused russia and our allies and partners,” he said.

As Ukrinform reported, in March the United States passed a law providing for $ 13.6 billion in funding to help Ukraine and its allies, as well as responding to threats from russia, including in the cyberspace. See the source

The 22nd of March, Cyber Digest