The 24th of March, Cyber Digest


Ukrzaliznytsia’s services do not work because of a hacker attack

Massive hacker attack on communication providers have been conducted: Ukrzaliznytsia’s online ticketing and telephony services are currently temporarily unavailable. “Passenger data is safe, the movement of trains will not be affected by the situation either. Communication with the railway is possible through social networks, and the contact center will be temporarily open at the following numbers: 044 465 33 44; 044 465 03 87, ” – the company’s press service said. See the source

IT Army of Ukraine against courier services in Russia

On March 23, the IT Army of Ukraine focused on courier services in russia. Let’s help together “timely” receipt of shipments! The list of targets is quite wide and it is impossible to reduce it, because you need to attack all the company’s infrastructure at once. See the source


Anonymous Activity

Anonymous hacked the websites of several companies that continue operating in russia despite the war – Auchan, Decathlon and Leroy Merlin. Earlier, Anonymous also hacked the Central Bank of russia – they promise to publish more than 35,000 files with secret agreements within 48 hours. See the source

Israel has blocked the sale of spyware to Ukraine

Israel has blocked Ukraine’s access to Pegasus spyware, fearing that russian authorities will be “angry.” The Guardian claims that since 2019, the Ukrainian authorities have asked Israel to allow the sale of spyware, but the state did not agree. Pegasus can be used to hack any mobile phone and intercept phone conversations, read text messages or view user photos. It also allows remote listening. See the source

The 24th of March, Cyber Digest