The 24th of May, Cyber News


State Service of Special Communication Presents Advice on How to Protect against Phishing Attacks [1].

The 24th of May, Cyber News


News from the IT ARMY of Ukraine

On May 23, in order to increase the coverage of credit and financial institutions of the russian Federation, the IT ARMY of Ukraine added MFOs (microfinance organizations) to the list of goals in addition to banking resources [2].

These attacks were so successful that they were mentioned in the russian media [3].

The 24th of May, Cyber News

On May 24, IT ARMY of Ukraine plans to consolidate yesterday’s result [4].


The Number of Cyberattacks Has Increased in Poland because of the Russian War against Ukraine

«Recently, the frequency of DDoS attacks targeting national institutions and organizations has increased. This can make it difficult to access the services provided through the website,» said the Department for Digital Policy Promotion of the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland. The information said that «these attacks do not affect the confidentiality of data processed by the attacked entities” and that the situation is “monitored on an ongoing basis». It is noted that simple, violent DDoS-attacks on the sites of institutions and other domestic structures have been observed by the relevant services since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine. There is also a risk to other countries and international organizations that openly condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine [5].