The 14th of July, Cyber News


The Sites Crime.NOT and Niklife Were Subjected to DDoS Attacks

On July 11, the sites of Mykolaiv online publications Crime.Not and Niklife, which are part of the information agency Ukrainian Media Group, were subjected to a large-scale DDoS attack. The chief editor of Crime.Not Anatoliy Chubachenko informed the representatives of IMI in the Mykolaiv region about this. «On the evening of July 11, a large-scale hacker attack was carried out on the site. Our site administrators, who help us maintain it, were able to repel it with the existing functionality. We connect it as one chain of events after the hacking of YouTube and my Facebook account, that these are the same people connected to the russian special services,» he said. Chubachenko considers the reason for the attack to be the professional activity of the editorial office in covering the true facts of the full-scale war that russia has unleashed against the Ukrainian people. «Towards the late evening, the site was restored, and currently both our sites – Crime.Not and NikLife – are working normally,» he said. [1]


Attacks by IT ARMY of Ukraine

Today, the IT army of Ukraine has a serious target – the russian operator of telecommunications services «Beeline», which during testing showed itself to be very flexible. russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs resources also remain under attack. [2]

New Attacks by Anonymous-Associated Groups

Turkish hacktivists hacked and defaced several russian websites.https://zhksochi-park.ru/ and https://anatomia-mebeli.ru/ now they look like[3]:

The 14th of July, Cyber News


More and More Information about Hunter Biden Is Appearing Online

On 4chan, someone under the nickname «Kiwianon» published another 400 GB of data of Hunter Biden, the scandalous son of the US president. About 30 GB of backups from his iPhone and iPad were previously made public. This time it is reported that these are allegedly copies from his laptop. [4]

Hackers Posing as Merkel Target ECB’s Lagarde German Source

Unidentified hackers attempted to trick European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde into letting them open a messaging app account in her name by posing as former German chancellor Angela Merkel, a German source said on Tuesday. The plot was quickly foiled without any information being compromised, an ECB spokesperson said. «We can confirm that there was an attempted cyber incident recently involving the president,» the ECB spokesperson said. «It was identified and halted quickly. No information was compromised. We have nothing more to say as an investigation is ongoing.» [5]