The 15th of July, Cyber News


Online Fraud Using the Theme of «Monetary Compensation»

The Government Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA has discovered a number of fraudulent pages on the Facebook social network containing links to the so-called «Unified Compensation Center for the Return of Unpaid Funds». On the mentioned resource, it is suggested to provide personal information and make an additional payment, as a result of which the payment card data will be compromised. The mentioned fraudulent activity is systematic in nature and is tracked by the identifier UAC-0100. [1]


New Attacks of Anonymous-Associated Groups

The hacker group YourAnonSpider launched an attack on a russian website https://ronnon.ru/index.html and domain http://putin-vladimir.ru/ [2], [3]:

The 15th of July, Cyber NewsThe 15th of July, Cyber News


Abatu’s Attack on China

On its Twitter page, the hacker group Abatu reported hacking and leaking 10 GB of data from the China Argo Real-time Data Centre. [4]

The 15th of July, Cyber News