The 17th of May, Cyber News


The russians again are threatening the Zaporozhye site 061.ua

The editorial office of the website of Zaporozhye 061.ua received another threat from russia on May 15, warning them of responsibility for crimes under russian law. The letter from the user «Salavat Golovenkina», in particular, reads: «Have you heard that the Ukrainian authorities have already been issued a secret order to remove all gold and foreign exchange reserves from the country? Soon Zelensky will run away. And all those who supported the neo-Nazi regime of Ukraine, including information, will be held accountable for their crimes under the law of the russian Federation. Get ready, propagandists!» [1].


New attacks by IT ARMY of Ukraine

On May 16, IT ARMY of Ukraine attacked OCSP resources of digital signature providers in russia [2]. On May 17, IT ARMY of Ukraine launched the recently launched russian application store NashStore. Attacks on airline and regional media resources also continue [3].

Killnet has announced war on ten countries

On May 16, Killnet hackers behind the hacks of official websites in Italy, Moldova and Germany declared a global cyber war on Ukraine, some EU countries and the United States. In its Telegram channel, the group announced that it had «completed a two-month observation of countries that support Nazism and Russophobia” and is now ready to strike at the governments of the United States, Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. According to hackers, «civilians will not suffer». At the end of the audio message, it is stated that «Killnet will come after you at dawn». The song «Get up, great country» is playing in the background all the time [4], [5].


U.S. charges Venezuelan doctor with selling ransomware used by Iranian group
A Venezuelan cardiologist who taught himself computer programming sold software that was used by an Iranian hacking group to attack Israeli companies, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday in bringing criminal charges against him. Moises Zagala, 55, licensed his software to cybercriminals who deployed it to extort victims for money, according to a complaint filed in federal court in Brooklyn, New York. Zagala advertised his Jigsaw v. 2 tool on an online forum for $500, and offered to sell the underlying source code for $3,000, the complaint said. Breon Peace, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York said in a statement that Zagala bragged about successful attacks using his programs, «including by malicious actors associated with the government of Iran». Zagala faces two counts of attempted computer intrusions and conspiracy to commit computer intrusions. He lives in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, and has not been arrested by U.S. authorities [6].