The 18th of August, Cyber News



belarusian hackers from the Joint Resistance Headquarters (JHR) attacked the website of the company “belaruskaliy”, which is one of the key producers of potash fertilizers in the world and is under US sanctions after lukashenka’s falsification of the presidential elections.

On the main page of the site, a statement was posted on behalf of Fidel, a representative of the JHR, a copy of the page remained in the web archive.

As a result of the hack, the hackers obtained documents and other information about the company.

The authors of the statement claim that they decided not to use the belarusian mass media as a platform, but to post the statement on the website of the company “about which lukashenko is worried.”

“We would like to inform you that on August 1, 2022, the Joint Headquarters of the Resistance (JHR) began operating in Minsk on the basis of the Resistance groups. The goal of the JHR: to destroy the gangster regime of o.lukashenka by force.”

JHR appealed to activists, employees of state bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, special services and the army. The text states that the headquarters was formed against the background of the coup d’état, which was carried out by lukashenko in August 2020. Also, in the statement of the JHR, it is stated that neither russia, nor Europe, nor the USA, nor the opposition will help the belarusian people, the belarusians are “left alone” and can only win on their own.

“We will establish people’s power ourselves, we will not need to share this power with anyone. From then on, we will start creating our Belarus,” the statement reads.1


On August 17, the IT Army Attacked the Central Bank of the russian federation.2

ІТ армія 17 серпня проводила атаку на центральний банк рф


Hackers Have Attacked the Website of putin’s “united russia” party

“united russia” reported a DDoS attack on the party’s website. “The peak power of the attacks amounted to tens of gigabits/s, and tens of thousands of russian and worldwide IP addresses were used for their execution. The list includes the USA, Korea, countries of Eastern and Northern Europe,” the party said in a statement on Wednesday .

The party also notes that “powerful attacks on all information systems and abnormal activity are recorded every day. 3



The Hacker Ran Doom on a John Deere Tractor and Showed How the Game Works

The first Doom is so tame by today’s standards that it was run on a calculator and even on a Lego piece, and recently proved that the game can be fully played on a tractor. Security researcher Sick Codes and modder Skelegant ran Doom on a John Deere tractor display and showed it off at the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas.

A video shared by Sick Codes shows the game running with a semi-transparent layer over the tractor UI. According to the researcher, the work took several months. To run Doom, they had to hack the Linux system used on a John Deere 4240. The experiment used a version of Doom in which the player drives a tractor through a field of corn, destroying enemies.

The experiment also had a practical interest. Sick Codes not only jailbroken the system but also introduced a new jailbreak that gave him root access to the tractor system. This could potentially be used by farmers to bypass software locks and repair tractors themselves, something John Deere currently forbids and for which the manufacturer is constantly criticized.

To gain access, the hacker had to solder the controllers directly to the tractor’s circuit board. However, he says that it is possible to develop a tool that will make it easier to jailbreak a system. 4

Хакер запустив Doom на тракторі John Deere та показав, як гра працює


Hackers Have Hacked a Space Satellite to Show Movies.

The team legally docked with the Anik F1R spacecraft, decommissioned in 2020.

The Shadytel hacking group hacked a commercial satellite to broadcast movies and talks from a cybersecurity conference.

On August 13, Carl Kosher spoke at the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas and told how he and his friends legally took control of the Anik F1R satellite, located in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 35,786 km from the Earth’s surface. According to the hacker, they gained access to a small room with equipment needed for a satellite connection, which was not in use at the time. The team was able to hack the system using Hack RF, a software-defined radio costing about $300, and then broadcast the signals to the decommissioned spacecraft.

The hacker added that the team obtained an uplink license and rented a satellite repeater, which is a device that opens a channel between the receiving and transmitting antennas. It helped set up the streaming of talks presented at the 2021 ToorCon Hacker Conference in San Diego, and nightly classic hacker movies like WarGames.

The service life of Anik F1R reached the end of 2020, and it was supposed to be sent to the so-called “graveyard orbit” in November 2021. As Kosher explained, the abandoned satellite could be used by anyone who would establish a connection with it. During the speech, he informed the rest of the hackers that the spacecraft can be controlled both with and without access to the original communication line. 5