The 2nd of June, Cyber News


The State Service of Special Communications Told How to Act in Case of Downloading a Suspicious File to a Smartphone or Computer, as Well as How to Choose an Antivirus [1].

The 2nd of June, Cyber News


Anonymous Has Broken the Group of Companies «Choose the Radio

Anonymous has uploaded 1.5 million emails (823 GB) from the Choose the Radio group of companies, which serves about 100 radio stations in 18 cities across russia with more than 8 million listeners [2].

Team Onefist Has hacked and Leaked Data from the Website of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise

The tweet, claims that  Team Onefist, defenders of Ukraine has hacked the website of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise in Moscow, which deals with trash from Russia. The files linked to the new toxic waste handling system, including levels 1 and 2, are shown in the leaked material. Furthermore, any chemical or biological weapon produced in Russia generates this waste, and invoices for its disposal are included in the disclosed documents. According to the tweet, Team Onefist requested that the data be translated, and additional information is on its way to the public. As per the tweets in response to this, claimed that there is no environmental legislation in Russia. The majority of their hazardous and even radioactive garbage is delivered to their African and Asian counterparts. They pollute the land of others. According to another user, there have been numerous spills in Russia, involving oil, chemicals, and radioactive materials. Especially from the businesses of top oligarchs. They simply do not care about the environment. Russia harvests a large number of trees. Sewage should be drained into Baikal Lake. They are unconcerned about the environment [3].

The 2nd of June, Cyber News


LulzSecMafia Has Hacked a Number of russian Internet Resources

The following sites were reported to be hacked on Twitter [4], [5], [6], [7]:

https://minenergo.gov.ru; https://minjust.gov.ru; http://minsport.gov.ru; https://vesti-k.ru; https://otstv.ru; https://volga-tv.ru; https://russia58.tv; https://tvomsk.ru; https://gtrkpskov.ru; https://arigus.tv/live/; https://zaim-express.ru; http://x.inetcom.ru; http://gogames.co; http://login.gogames.co; http://my.rt.ru; http://mgts.ru; http://starlink.ru; http:// virginconnect.ru; http:// yota.ru; http:// syzran.ru


Threat of Hacking of Serbian Government Websites

NB65 hackers have threatened Serbia, calling it an ally of russia, which ignores sanctions [8].

White House: Cyber Activity not Against russia Policy

The White House said on Wednesday that any offensive cyber activity against Russia would not be a violation of U.S. policy of avoiding direct military conflict with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented on statements from U.S. cyber command chief General Paul Nakasone, who told Sky News on Wednesday the United States has conducted a series of digital operations in support of Ukraine [9].