The 2nd of August, Cyber News


The Site of the Brodiv City Council Has Been Hacked by russian Hackers

It is not yet known when and who hacked the official website of the Brodiv City Council. On July 26, russian hackers hacked the official website of the Brodiv City Council. Currently, the website of the city council has a video showing a russian hacker with a tricolor. In the video, the hacker is sitting in a mask, with a gas mask behind him and a grenade. The person’s face is covered, but patches with not only the tricolor, but also with russian symbols banned in Ukraine, which indicate support for the «special operation» in Ukraine, are visible. The attacker says that, as it were, Ukraine lost the war back in 2014, but Ukrainians still cannot understand this. After that, the hacker demonstratively reloads the weapon and makes demands on the Ukrainians and their authorities. It is not yet known when and who hacked the official website of the Brodiv City Council. For now, we can say for sure that it was done by russian hackers. However, on the dark background of the hacked web page there is a round mark with the inscription «zarya».1

The 2nd of August, Cyber News

russian Hackers Have Hacked the Website of the Scientific Yearbook «History of Religions in Ukraine»

On July 28, employees of the Institute of Religious Studies – a branch of the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion discovered that the site of the Scientific Yearbook “History of Religions in Ukraine” religio.org.ua was hacked by a russian enemy. Instead of an archive number of a scientific publication, visitors to the site could come across an «appeal» of a virtual russian military man who uttered theses of the propaganda of the aggressor state. «Our website religio.org.ua was subjected to a hacker attack by the Russian enemy. As you can see, it doesn’t matter to the enemy whether it is a government site or a scientific collection site,» Pavlo Artymishyn, a senior researcher at the Institute, said in a Facebook group.2


russian Hackers from KILLNET Are Going to «Attack» the American Company that Supplies Ukraine with HIMARS

On the morning of August 1, KILLNET and KillMilk announced a «new-level attack» on the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin, which produces HIMARS MLRS, which the US supplies to Ukraine. This is reported on the official page of the group in Telegram. Hackers believe that Lockheed Martin «is the actual sponsor of world terrorism, is responsible for «thousands and thousands of human deaths», and HIMARS kill civilians, destroy infrastructure and social facilities in temporarily occupied Ukraine. «The production management system of Lockheed Martin’s industrial complexes will be paralyzed! All the data of the employees of this terrorist company will be published in public access. All employees of Lockheed Martin will be persecuted and destroyed all over the world. I’m against guns! I am against the trade of death! I call on all hacker groups to create an escalation in the production cycles of Lockheed Martin around the world, as well as the distribution of personal information about the terrorists of this company,» the hackers said in a statement. 3

The IT Army Has Blocked More than 6,000 russian Online Resources During the Five Months of the War

From February 26 to July 30, the IT Army attacked more than 6,000 online resources. In particular, the attack was carried out on the websites of state institutions of the russian federation, which made it impossible for russians to receive state services and conduct financial transactions. Applicants could not even submit documents to the educational institution. The IT Army also blocked russian mass media sites, which slowed down the spread of propaganda. Hackers have managed to shut down military dealers and online stores selling drones to prevent the russians from supplying the necessary equipment to their murderous soldiers. In addition, hackers managed to disable CRM systems, which caused the work of many enterprises to stop and the economy of the russian federation suffered. The website of «Roscosmos», where the russian federation publishes satellite images of NATO centers, was also «lying». In addition, it was possible to leak confidential data of russians due to the blocking of the tender site of the russian federation «Roseltorg». «Also, the IT Army blocked business services, tender platforms, online accounting services, Internet providers, services for buying air tickets and insurance, online services for courier delivery, food orders, online shopping, etc.,» the Ministry of Digital Affairs noted. 4


The Largest Missile Weapons Manufacturer in the EU Has Been Hacked

A group of unknown hackers managed to break into the IT systems of the MBDA company, which is the largest supplier of missiles on the European market. It was founded by combining the assets of Finmeccanica-Leonardo (Italy), Matra BAe Dynamics (Great Britain) and Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles (France). Security Affairs journalists were the first to report the attack on MBDA. Hackers published an archive with demo files on the darknet. They claim that they managed to steal 60 GB of data from the missile manufacturer (drawings, design documentation of coastal defense systems, missile systems and air defense systems, corporate correspondence, contracts, photo and video materials, presentations, etc.). The «sampler» was posted by attackers under the nickname Adrastea. Hackers are ready to discuss the price of the archive with potential buyers. The management of MBDA has not yet commented on the cyber incident. The company produces anti-tank missiles Brimstone, HOT and ERYX, anti-ship missiles Sea Skua, Exocet and Marte, missiles for anti-aircraft systems Sea Wolf, missiles for MANPADS Mistral and other missile weapons. It is considered the largest supplier of combat missiles in Europe. 5

The 2nd of August, Cyber News