The 25th of August, Cyber News


Ukrainian Hackers Have Hacked a Company That Provides Software to Protect russian Banks

Ukrainian hackers have hacked Right Line, the largest online banking software provider in russia and the CIS. The company cooperated, including with Tinkoff Bank, Alfa Bank and Gazprombank. In total, about 600 GB of data were leaked: backup copies of the source codes of the company’s products, internal documentation, the company’s cloud storage with official documents, etc. As a result: now it is much easier for hackers to look for vulnerabilities in banking applications and on the websites of russian banks. The same applies to the project «Digital Ruble» and «Quick Payment System». 1

The 25th of August, Cyber News

FSB Representatives Congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day2

The 25th of August, Cyber News

Plex Has Been Hacked — Hackers Gained Access to Email Addresses, Encrypted Passwords, and Usernames

Streaming platform Plex has sent an email to its customers warning of a serious security breach. It said the hack allowed attackers to gain access to account information, including usernames, email addresses and passwords. Although there is no indication that encrypted passwords have been compromised, Plex advises all users to change their passwords immediately.

«Yesterday we detected suspicious activity in one of our databases. We immediately began an investigation and found that a third party was able to access a limited subset of data, including email addresses, usernames, and encrypted passwords,» Plex said in a statement.

At this time, there is no confirmation that other account information has been compromised. There is also no mention of third-party access to private media libraries. It further states that «credit card details and other payment details are not stored on our servers at all», they were not at risk in this incident. Experts have already identified a vulnerability in the security system, and Plex has taken steps to prevent such breaches in the future. 3