The 26th of April, Cyber News


New attacks by russian hackers are becoming more frequent

Specialists of the State Special Communications Service warn that russian hackers are carrying out more and more cyberattacks against ordinary Ukrainians. In addition, the number of information and psychological operations against the Ukrainian population on social networks and messengers is growing. The attackers are phishing in order to seize the credentials of Ukrainians. Meta warns about hacking of accounts of military and public figures with the help of previously stolen credentials in phishing emails. In hacked accounts, russian hackers place propaganda and calls on Ukrainians to surrender. In phishing emails, hackers often speculate on patriotic issues and payments from the state. Attackers can also send mail to spy on a person and their contacts. The number of phishing messages under the guise of information on state aid for internally displaced persons, as well as Ukrainians who have temporarily left the country, is growing. Attackers who carry out such mailings closely follow Ukrainian news and respond quickly to news of any assistance. Details – follow the link 

DDOS attack on the LIGA.NET website

Due to the DDoS attack on April 25, the LIGA.NET website was temporarily down. «Friends, our site is currently down due to active DDos attacks. Our specialists are solving the problem», the editorial office said. Details – follow the link 

Threats to the Zaporozhye site 061.ua from russian hackers NoName

The editorial office of the city of Zaporizhia 061.ua received another verse letter with threats from the russian Federation on April 25. Threats came from mail.ru from the recipient «Sasha Isayev». The letter also contained a link to the telegram channel of the hacker group NoName. The message, in particular, reads: «Once upon a time there was a young journalist, propagandist and conformist. And his dad, a humor addict, was a real fascist and Nazi. The father always had a lot of work to do: gather his pack, arrange shelling, so that his son would take off and put this arbitrariness on the net. Several months have passed, everything is overgrown with lies and swastikas. My father was very happy, you will not return anything now. However, soon liberators came, fighters against fascism and true lovers, captured the fascist father, and did not forget about the young man. Think about it, journalists, strain your mind: together with Zeleny, you can’t escape prison!» Details – follow the link 

Threats from Russian hackers NoName to Volyn media

Volyn’s editorial offices, Volyn Online, Konkurent, and Konkurent TV, have received new e-mail threats. This time the senders of the letters signed as group NoName057 (16). This was reported by a representative of IMI in the Volyn region. So, on April 24, the editors received letters in russian with the following content: «V» means VICTORY, «Z» means WITH US, your song is sung, by Propaganda false lips».  Details – follow the link

Zaporozhye site «Porohy» has been hacked

In Zaporizhia, on April 24, the youth student website Porohy was hacked and russian propaganda was posted there. In case of an attempt to enter the site, the text in russian «Information about the special operation of the russian Federation in progress» appeared on the main screen against the background of two flags – Ukrainian and russian. The text, in particular, said that the russians and Ukrainians «are one people who divided the Western world» and «put puppets, ridiculous» rulers «and drug addicts in power». The message also stressed that «russia is not fighting against you, but for you». The authors appealed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lay down their arms and called on the civilian population not to take up arms in order not to «sacrifice themselves at the urging of people without honor and conscience». In addition, the address stressed that Ukraine for russia is «an integral part of our own history, culture, spiritual space, «mentioning that these are «relatives related to us by blood, family ties». Details – follow the link 

Fake analogue of the SSU chatbot

The russian occupiers are trying to reduce the resistance of Ukrainians and launch new fakes. This time, they distributed a fake chatbot on the Internet with a similar to the official name, which differs by only a few letters. Thanks to him, we receive thousands of reports about the deployment and movement of the enemy. And then, according to these data, the military methodically eliminates the russian occupiers from our land. Details – follow the link



Anonymous has broken the correspondence of exporters of coal, oil and gas from russia

Anonymous hackers have hacked 1.1 million emails from russian customs broker ALET with companies exporting coal, oil and petroleum products, as well as liquefied natural gas. The data volume is 1.1 TB. Anonymous also announced that more data from russian organizations will be leaked in the coming days. Since 2011, ALET has cooperated with more than 400 companies, filing 119,000 customs declarations. The broker has recommendations from Gazprom, Gazprom Nafta and Bashneft. Approximately 75% of ALET’s business comes from petroleum products, 10% from oil and 9% from hydrocarbons. Details – follow the link

The website of the Pskov diocese has been hacked by posting photos of crimes from Bucha

Indifferent people updated the news and information tape of the website of the Pskov Eparchy of the russian Orthodox Church. On the main page, visitors to the site could see information with a photo of the crimes of the russian army. In particular, with the following headline: When the world forgets putin’s name, he will remember the crimes of russian soldiers in Bucha. The fact is that the patriarch of the ROC Kirill, who controls, in particular, the Pskov diocese, previously blessed the russian troops for the war in Ukraine. And now not indifferent cyber troops have allowed ROC believers and site visitors to fully comprehend the full spirituality of russian soldiers. And in the section Pskov-Pechersk Paterik added phrases and quotes, including Vladimir Zelensky, Mikhail Fedorov, Vitaly Kim, Alexei Arestovich. Such a surprise for the Pskov diocese happened with their new website, the opening of which, as they noted, took place with the blessing of Metropolitan Tikhon. Details – follow the link

The 26th of April, Cyber News

Powerful DDoS attack on 1C resources

Judging by the official appeal of 1C to its clients, they can’t cope with the attacks from the IT Army of Ukraine for 5 days! This is also confirmed by the many comments of their angry users. Details – follow the link 

The 26th of April, Cyber News


The FBI has reported about the biggest cyber threat to the United States

FBI Director Christopher Ray said that the activity of russian hackers did not cause much concern – it remained stable for many years. But China is making the United States nervous. In an interview with CNN, Christopher Ray said that the biggest threat to US cybersecurity is hackers from the Chinese Communist Party. «Their attacks on our innovations, trade secrets and intellectual property have reached unprecedented proportions,» – says Ray. «Their hacking program is bigger than all the big countries combined». The director of the FBI also reports that Chinese cybercriminals stole more American classified information than anyone. We are talking about personal and corporate data. According to Ray, agriculture, aviation, health care and almost all other spheres of economy and public life are affected by cyberattacks. Every 12 hours, the FBI field offices launch a new counterintelligence operation in the digital space, trying to repel more and more Chinese attacks. Details – follow the link 

Iran state TV says authorities foiled massive cyberattacks on public services

Iran’s state television said authorities have foiled massive cyberattacks that sought to target public services, both government and privately owned. The report late on Sunday said Iran thwarted the attacks that planned to target the infrastructure of more than 100 public sector agencies. It did not elaborate or name specific examples of public sector agencies, organizations or services but said the incidents happened in recent days. The report said that unidentified parties behind the cyberattacks used Internet Protocols in the Netherlands, Britain, and the United States to stage the attackes. Iran occassiobally announces cyberattacks targeting the Islamic Republic as world powers struggle to revive a tattered nuclear deal with Tehran. Details – follow the link