The 28th of June, Cyber News


IT ARMY of Ukraine Attacks the Economic Sphere of russia

The topic of this week’s IT army was the negative growth of the russian economy. Activists began their attacks from the tender grounds, the first target – “roseltorg” [1].


russian Hacker Group Killnet Has Claimed Responsibility for a Cyberattack against Lithuania

russia’s hacking group Killnet on Monday claimed responsibility for a DDOS attack on Lithuania. A group of russian hackers said the cyberattack was in response to Vilnius’ decision to block the transit of EU-sanctioned goods to russia’s Kaliningrad exclave. The Kaliningrad region has no direct contact with russia. This territory (northern part of East Prussia) was ceded to the USSR after the end of World War II under the terms of the Potsdam Agreement of 1945. Kaliningrad region has land borders with Poland and Lithuania. Goods are delivered to this region from russia by rail through Lithuania, EU members and NATO. On June 18, Lithuania stopped the transit of sanctioned goods between the Kaliningrad region and the main territory of russia. After that, the russian regime threatened Lithuania with a response [2].

Some Governments, with the Support of ISPs, Have Distributed Hermit Spyware to Android and iOS Smartphones

According to the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), governments in some countries, with the support of ISPs, have launched a spy campaign. As a result, malware is installed on users’ mobile devices to track their actions. TAG thus confirms the previous findings of the Lookout security research team, which linked the spyware called Hermit to the Italian company RCS Labs. According to Lookout, RCS Labs works in the same direction as the NSO Group (developer of Pegasus spyware) and sells commercial spyware to various government agencies. Researchers from Lookout believe that Hermit is already used by the government of Kazakhstan and the authorities of Italy. Google has identified victims in both countries and says it will report the affected users [3].