The 29th of June, Cyber News


SSU Did Not Allow russian Special Services to Hack Ukrainian TV Channels Participating in the National Telethon

Cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine have detected and blocked attempts by russian special services to hack into the electronic systems of Ukrainian TV channels. On the eve of Constitution Day, the enemy wanted to use the resources involved in the national telethon for its own destructive information operations.

According to the SBU, enemy hackers tried to gain access:

  • to the video stream of live broadcast;
  • to the live news feed;
  • to individual computers of employees of TV channels on which work with content is conducted.

Thanks to timely detection and measures taken by the SSU, such unauthorized actions have now been prevented [1].


Hackers Have Hacked the rosregister website and Congratulated russia on the Constitution Day of Ukraine

Hackers have hacked the website of the russian state institution rosregister and congratulated russia on the Constitution Day of Ukraine. The break was reported in the Telegram-channel of the rosregister. On the main page of the site they posted greetings on the Ukrainian holiday, which mentioned the war of the russian Federation against Ukrainians. «Today it could be a holiday in Ukraine, but because of us – only pain and suffering,» – said on the website of the rosregister after the work of hackers. The site also featured symbols of the Legion of Freedom of russia – russians who joined the Ukrainian army. «russian citizens are in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for independence and their own national-oriented legislative foundation,» the statement said [2].

The 29th of June, Cyber News

News from the IT ARMY of Ukraine

On June 28, the IT ARMY of Ukraine reported that many russian government websites congratulate Ukraine on Constitution Day, and the roscosmos website is completely «lying» [3].The 29th of June, Cyber News


G7 to Tackle Cyber Threats and Disinformation from russia: Communique

The Group of Seven leaders agreed on Tuesday to strengthen their countries’ defences against foreign disinformation and cyber attacks, including threats posed by russia. «We also commit to further strengthening our internal security in light of transnational threats including those posed by russia and other authoritarian regimes,» said the G7 communique at the end of a summit in Germany [4].