The 30th of June, Cyber News


Statistics of Cyberattacks for Four Months of Cyberwar from the State Service of Special Communication of Ukraine

Enemy hackers continue to attack Ukraine. The intensity of cyberattacks has not decreased since the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of russia, although their quality has decreased. The Government and local authorities, defense, financial, and energy sectors are the most attacked, as before. The transport infrastructure and the telecom industry also remain in the field of view of cybercriminals [1]


Successes of the IT ARMY of Ukraine

The IT ARMY of Ukraine reports on the successful downfall of the «roskosmos» site, which has already been widely reported in the media [2].


Norway Announced a Russian Cyber Attack on Several Large Companies

Norway’s National Security Agency has said that several of the country’s major companies have been cyberattacked by a «pro-russian criminal group». The authorities of the Scandinavian country made a corresponding statement on Wednesday. «The attacks are directed against several large Norwegian companies that offer important services to the public,» said the director of the agency, Sophie Nyström. In particular, according to her, russian hackers stopped the work of important websites and online services, which became unavailable. «Recently, we have seen similar attacks in other countries, but none of them had long-term consequences. Nevertheless, these attacks create uncertainty among the population,» Nyström noted [3].