The 5th of July, Cyber News


In June 2022, the SSU Warned and Neutralized More than 140 Cyber Incidents and Cyber Attacks

In June 2022, specialists of the SSU Cyber Security Situation Center warned and neutralized 147 critical cyber incidents and cyber attacks in the national cyberspace. This was done by directly analyzing more than 50,000 critical information security events detected in the current month. [1]

The 5th of July, Cyber News

The World’s First Full-Scale Cyber War is Currently Underway in Ukraine, Yuriy Shchygol

In a column on NV.Business, the head of the State Service of Special Communication talked about the confrontation with russia in cyberspace. russian hackers often work outside of official state structures but are deeply integrated into the special services of the russian Federation, and their activities are coordinated with other military activities. Just as the russian army systematically ignores the rules of war, russian hackers are quite unscrupulous in cyberspace. Their targets are critical infrastructure facilities such as energy and utility companies, hospitals and emergency response services, the financial system, logistics, and aid organizations. During the period of the largest flow of Ukrainian refugees, hackers also attacked humanitarian organizations. Everyone should be responsible for their own cyber security: both individuals and organizations. Neglecting cybersecurity risks creating weak links in broader systems that can have catastrophic consequences. The world’s first full-scale cyber war is underway, but it is by no means the last. On the contrary: all subsequent conflicts will have a powerful cyber component. Cyber ​​security will be as important to survival as a strong military. Limiting russia’s access to modern technologies should be considered one of the priorities of international security. Ukraine will continue to implement the best global solutions in the field of cyber defense and is ready to share its experience with the international community in order to stop the aggressor. [2]


Pro-Ukrainian slogans appeared on russian websites

Anonymous hackers reported the deface of russian sites http://crmsdo.ru/, https://www.nichibo-motor.ru/, https://dennisya.ru/, http://www.risus-clinic.ru/.[3]

The 5th of July, Cyber News

The 5th of July, Cyber News

The 5th of July, Cyber News


Hacker Claims to Have Stolen 1 Billion Personal Records of Chinese Citizens from Police

Hackers have reportedly stolen the personal data of more than 1 billion Chinese citizens. This could be one of the biggest data leaks in history if confirmed. Hackers have put up for sale the personal records of Chinese citizens that were stolen in a cyber security breach, believed to be the database of the Shanghai National Police (SHGA). Presumably, this data is now up for sale on both the open internet and the darknet. The stolen information includes names, addresses, official identification numbers, mobile phones and other sensitive data of Chinese citizens. An anonymous hacker named ChinaDan claims to sell the stolen information for 10 bitcoins (about $200,000). ChinaDan posted the suggestion on the hacker forum Breached. [4]

Post of the hacker on Breach Forums. [5]

The 5th of July, Cyber News

Lithuanian Railway Workers Responded to the Threats of russian hackers

A representative of Lietuvos gelezinkeliai (LTG, Lithuanian Railways) talked about how the company was threatened by russian hackers. And about what answer they received. Mantas Dubauskas posted screenshots of correspondence with a person who called himself a «representative of the russian hacking community» on his official Facebook account. Veronika Andreeva sent a letter to LTG in which she demanded on behalf of the russian hackers to pressure Lithuanian politicians to unblock the delivery of goods to the Kaliningrad region. Otherwise, Andreyeva threatened to «turn Lithuania into an IT reservation». In response, LTG sent russian hackers in a known direction — following a russian ship. Users of the social network appreciated LTG’s ingenuity and asked the «russian hackers» to heed the company’s advice, thus making a gesture of goodwill. [6],[7]

The 5th of July, Cyber News

The 5th of July, Cyber News

Hackers Have hacked British Ministry of Defense Twitter and YouTube Accounts

Several videos about cryptocurrencies appeared on the department’s YouTube channel, and hackers posted advertisements on Twitter. Access to the accounts was later restored and the agency issued an explanation for the incident. «We are aware of the hacking of the army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts and an investigation is underway,» the UK Ministry of Defense said. — «The army takes information security very seriously and solves this issue. It would be inappropriate to comment further until the investigation is complete». [8]

Iranian Hackers Reported a Successful Attack on the «Israeli Subway»

NETA, the company that manages the construction of the Gush Dan tramway, said that its website was attacked by hackers on the morning of July 4, causing some disruptions to its operation. Later, experts reported that the DDoS attack was carried out from abroad. In a few hours, the protection of the site was strengthened, its functionality was fully restored. The Israeli website «Mako» reports that in the morning there were messages on the social networks of Iranian and pro-Iranian groups about a successful attack on the «Israeli subway». However, these messages were mostly mocked, with many users pointing out that there are no subways in Israel at all. [9]