The 7th of June, Cyber News


Ukrainian Officials’ Phones Targeted by Hackers Cyber Watchdog

The phones of Ukrainian officials have been targeted by hackers as russia pursues its invasion of Ukraine, a senior cybersecurity official said Monday. Victor Zhora, the deputy head of Ukraine’s State Special Communications Service, said that phones being used by the country’s public servants had come under sustained targeting: «We see a lot of attempts to hack Ukrainian officials’ phones, mainly with the spreading of malware». Zhora said his service had, so far, not seen any evidence that Ukrainian devices had been compromised. The hacking of government leaders’ devices crept up the international agenda following a cascade of revelations last year around the how phones used by presidents, ministers, and other government officials had been targeted or compromised. The ability to remotely and invisibly hack into such devices using sophisticated spy software — sometimes called a «zero click» hack because it requires no interaction from the victim — is particularly feared. Zhora said he and his colleagues were aware of the threat of zero-click intrusions but declined to comment on whether they knew of any such attempts against their own devices. «We continue monitoring this,» he said. [1].


Successes of the IT ARMY of Ukraine

This week the IT ARMY of Ukraine attacks the russian authorities [2].

Significant progress has already been made on these attacks [3]:

The 7th of June, Cyber NewsThe 7th of June, Cyber NewsThe 7th of June, Cyber NewsThe 7th of June, Cyber News


The Series of Hacks from LulzSecMafia

LulzSecMafia has been hacked in the last 24 hours: three different russian ICS (Industrial control system) [4];

Sandvine Has Left russia

The American technology company Sandvine has left the russian market after concluding large agreements there in recent years to supply equipment for deep screening of packages, a controversial technology that can be used to censor the Internet. The company has previously said it could block or slow down access to websites, locate certain people and support local law enforcement [11].


Breaking of the Chinese Government

On Saturday (June 4th), Anonymous hacked the Chinese government’s education website in memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre: a violent crackdown on army protesters on June 4, killing hundreds of protesters, according to the historic events [12].