The 8th of July, Cyber News


«Payment Only in Rubles ZOV»: Hackers of the russian federation Made an Attack on the Exchanger in Rivne?

In Rivne hackers broke the scoreboard and instead of the usual data on the exchange rate, they placed the following text: «Payment only in rubles ZOV. Work brothers !!!» Photos were posted in the local telegram community «Your Rivne».

The 8th of July, Cyber NewsThe 8th of July, Cyber News

The scoreboard is located on the building of the Premier Trade and Office Center. There, the information was confirmed and added that they would find out all the circumstances. In the comments to the publication, people suspect that our «jokers» could also do it.The 8th of July, Cyber News

According to Radio Track, the SSU and Cyber Police are already engaged in this case. [1]


What Invisible Army Helps putin Terrorists Destroy Ukrainians

In their spare time, hackers make money with their usual work – theft, blackmail and extortion. And at work attack the goals specified by the russian military. The hacker attack on the Odessa City Council took place simultaneously with the task of the city with winged rockets. Hospitals and emergency services were cyberattack immediately after the Air Force. When millions of refugees fled from hostilities, hackers attacked humanitarian organizations.

Syrian technique

The Kremlin used a similar tactic in Syria, with the difference that russia had domination in the air. For example, in Ukraine, Kremlin hackers attack electrical and water supply facilities where russian planes and inappropriate use of missiles do not reach. And in Syria, such objects were stupid. The russian military-cosmic forces struck the residential quarters, and when rescuers came to the place, they were repeated. When the wounded was taken from the debris and taken to hospitals, they struck hospitals. When people fled from the war to a safe place, they began to bombard humanitarian convoy. Syrian humanitarian organizations have informed the russian military coordinates of schools, hospitals and humanitarian corridors. In all these coordinates, rocket-bombing strikes were applied. In the Kremlin terrorist war, the inscription “children” does not protect against bombs, but becomes a legitimate goal.

Lies as the most powerful weapon

To combat propaganda helps to commit crimes in the Kremlin’s eyes. On September 9, 2016, the russian military-cosmic forces roamed the Red Crescent Column, killing 20 employees of the organization and destroying eighteen humanitarian trucks. In response to the accusation, the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation declared: «The information about the location of the motor column was known only to the fighters who control these areas. We have carefully studied the video from the scene and found no signs of an entry on the car column of any ammunition. Everything is shown in videoradra – a result of a load of cargo». It is a standard Kremlin tactic. They will commit crimes and then deny the obvious. Thousands of people have read the investigation of the bomb blow to the red crescent. And hundreds of millions have learned about an event from mass misinformation that will say all languages ​​from each iron. [2]


Apple Presented a Feature to Protect VIP-Users from Hackers

The US company Apple has presented a new Lockdown Mode to protect VIP users, including politicians and activists who, through their status or work, can be the target of hackers. Lockdow mode switches several functions on the iPhone to make it less vulnerable to spy software, thus significantly reducing the number of functions to which the attackers can access and which can potentially break. In particular, «Lockdow Mode» disables many preview features in Imessage, limits JavaScript in Safari browser, prevents new configuration profiles, blocks wire connections – thus preventing the copying . It is noted that the technological giant will pay up to $ 2 million to the one who finds a lack of safety in the Lockdow mode. The new feature is expected to become available for iPhone, iPad and Mac users in the fall. It can still be tested in beta. [3]

As a Fake Proposal for Work Destroyed the Most Popular Cryptography in the World

In March, hackers broke Axie Infinity cryptography and stole $ 625 million with a fake job on LinkedIn. The engineer believed in a proposal from competitors with a huge salary. The PDF file with the offer appeared a harmful software. Through the computer of the employee, it has penetrated the system used in the game, and hackers managed to withdraw funds. Axie Infinity is one of the most successful crypto games: in November 2021 it had 2.7 million active users daily, weekly, intra – game NFTs reached $ 214 million. [4]

North Korean Hackers Attacked US Health Care

The DPRK hackers have been attacking the state – owned medical services with at least May 2021. The hackers used the MAUI warrior to encrypt computers of medical institutions, then demanded the victims of payment to return access to their networks. The attackers blocked electronic medical records, diagnostic services and other services. US government agencies do not recommend paying hackers, as this does not guarantee the unblocking of networks. But since the DPRK believes that health care organizations are ready to pay ransom because of the sensitivity of this information, attacks can continue. [5]