Practical steps to the cooperation implementation of the Global Cyber Cooperative Center (GC3) with the EMA Association

On the 27th of January , Leonid Tymchenko, Head of Analytics at the Global Cyber Cooperative Center (GC3), took part in the Settlement and Credit Security Forum (SCSF) and presented the analytical materials on online fraud.
On the 28th of January, Volodymyr Pavelko, Co-founder and CEO of GC3, spoke at a press briefing on the results of payment and ATM fraud in 2020 in Ukraine, where he shared the mission, goals and achievements of the Global Cyber Cooperative Centre (GC3).

Settlement and Credit Security Forum (SCSF) is a structural unit of the EMA Association, the main task of which is to develop and coordinate a set of organizational, analytical and informational and other measures for banks, processing centers and payment aggregators to implement common security standards in the use of payment instruments and lendingin Ukraine.

Video of the press-breifing.