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  • 27.05.2022The 27th of May, Cyber News

    State Service of Special Communication. Statistics New Tool of the IT Army of Ukraine. Liberator Statistics for the First Three Months of Cyber Warfare. Ukrainian Hackers Have Blocked Access of russians to Money by Attacking russian Banks. Hackers Stole the Personal Data of Hundreds of General Motors Customers. russian Hackers Have Hacked and Made Public Correspondence between Boris Johnson and his Colleagues

  • 26.05.2022The 26th of May, Cyber News

    Three fake chatbots «Something is flying» were found on the Internet. Russia has committed 280 crimes against journalists and the media in Ukraine during the three months of the war. rutube will expand its staff of cybersecurity specialists. Hackers have created a virus that forces victims to do charity. Police data from Xinjiang, China, have been leaked to the Internet. «Private» hackers have grown to the level of «state hackers»

  • 25.05.2022The 25th of May, Cyber News

    Invisible front. Ukraine has created a powerful army of 300 IT professionals. PrivatBank warns of another fraudulent scheme under the pretext of paying state aid. RIP Killnet. Anonymous has declared cyber war against russian hackers. Bad news from Google: government hackers in several countries have gained access to Chrome and Android vulnerabilities

  • 24.05.2022The 24th of May, Cyber News

    State Service of Special Communication Presents Advice on How to Protect against Phishing Attacks. News from the IT ARMY of Ukraine. The Number of Cyberattacks Has Increased in Poland because of the Russian War against Ukraine

  • 23.05.2022Main Cyber Highlights of the Week: May, 16-22

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

  • 20.05.2022The 20th of May, Cyber News

    Ukraine has received $ 1 million to fight russian hackers. Hackers have created a site for telephone pranks on russian security forces. Russia has admitted that it has not yet been able to restore rutube after the cyber attack on May 9. Dangerous vulnerability. British experts were able to hack Tesla with a smartphone. Costa Rica’s newly elected president, Rodrigo Chavez, has said the country is at war with the cybercrime group Conti

  • 19.05.2022The 19th of May, Cyber News

    The Nikolaev online edition «NikVesti» doesn’t work because of DDos-attack. News from the IT ARMY of Ukraine. Anonymous has hacked the russian Sberbank. India to press ahead with strict cybersecurity rules despite industry concerns

  • 18.05.2022The 18th of May, Cyber News

    Ukraine has won two international awards for effective cyber defense. New attacks by the IT ARMY of Ukraine. russian propagandists and hackers are trying to copy the Ukrainian volunteer movement. Don’t accidentally hire a North Korean hacker, FBI warns. Hacker Shows Off a Way to Unlock Tesla Models, Start Cars

  • 17.05.2022The 17th of May, Cyber News

    The russians again are threatening the Zaporozhye site 061.ua. New attacks by IT ARMY of Ukraine. Killnet has announced war on ten countries. U.S. charges Venezuelan doctor with selling ransomware used by Iranian group

  • 16.05.2022Main Cyber Highlights of the Week: May, 9-15

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

  • 13.05.2022The 13th of May, Cyber News

    Cyber attacks by UAC-0010 (Armageddon) using the malware GammaLoad.PS1_v2 (CERT-UA # 4634,4648). Ukrtelecom, together with its American partner, repulsed another cyber attack. Fraudsters are sending a fake chatbot of E-support, referring to the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. In the «first world cyber war» russia has no allies at all – expert. Kremlin hackers are creating fake Twitter profiles to support dictatorial policies. G7 will transfer technologies to Ukraine to protect against cyberattacks

  • 12.05.2022The 12th of May, Cyber News

    Ukrainian hackers have improved their cyber weapons against russia: anyone can attack. Elon Musk reported attempts of russian hackers to hack Starlink. Cybersecurity reform: the government wants to take control of the state domain GOV.UA . Behind the break of the russian rutube is the group Anonymous. IT army of Ukraine. Canada provides intelligence on cyber threats to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense and the Italian Senate have been hacked

  • 11.05.2022The 11th of May, Cyber News

    The attackers are falsifying the resources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. russian hackers carried out a large-scale DDoS attack on the sites of Ukrainian telecom operators. Since the beginning of the year, almost 36,000 attacks on the servers of state authorities have been repulsed in Dnipropetrovsk region. The Zaporizhia website 061.ua received letters from russians with new propaganda theses. Two Volyn mass media received threats from the russians about responsibility for «russophobic fakes». Chinese hackers have attacked Russian authorities. The European Union condemns russia’s cyber-attack on Ukraine an hour before the Kremlin’s war

  • 10.05.2022The 10th of May, Cyber News

    Cyberpolice of Vinnytsia region exposed a criminal hacker group that carried out phishing attacks on foreign banks. russian video hosting rutube is not working. «The blood of thousands of Ukrainians is on your hands»: viewers of russian satellite channels have been «congratulated» on May 9. Successes of IT ARMY of Ukraine. russian hackers tried to attack German government sites. Hackers have hacked and published information about 21 million users of three VPN services

  • 09.05.2022Main Cyber Highlights of the Week: May, 2-8

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

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