We are a thinktank, cyber community trust hub, Ukrainian cyber security front desk recognized globally.

An independent non-government organization and we are equidistant from all parties
Built on the basis of partnership and dedicated cooperation
Ensuring interaction between public and private sectors
Promoting the experience of best international practices
Integrated into the global ecosystem for secure cyberspace development


To develop meaningful cooperation between global cyberspace representatives in order to prevent and investigate cybercrime.

We are changing the attitude to cybersecurity in Ukraine by means of awareness-raising tools and professional training.


To involve Ukrainian creators of safe cyberspace in global cybersecurity cooperation.


Trust, technology and training.


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Company representative deployment in the cyber center office (or delegation of an individual GC3 employee to meet the partner's needs): we work together on a daily basis to exchange information and make fully coordinated decisions in both reactive and proactive formats.
Access to GC3 databases/materials (including analytical) to prevent any potential damage, ensure business process sustainability and protect the corporate brand.
Meetings with representatives of the state, business, law enforcement agencies to discuss the issues of key interest areas.
Establishing the strategic alliances with representatives of various economy sectors and law enforcement agencies (tailored to needs of a particular partner).
Access to all GC3 training programs.
Access to malware lab.
Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineHonorary Member
Qintel LLCHonorary Member
UTN Security LLCLegitimate Member
Naftogaz Digital Technologies LLCLegitimate Member
Naftogazbezpeka LLCLegitimate Member

GC3 — organizer of the conference “Effective strategies in cyberspace”. It will be the another step towards the Ukrainian cyberspace players interaction with their international peers, a place for meetings and practice sharing between global and national cybersecurity experts.

Other events also are held on the basis of the Global Center for Interaction in Cyberspace, e.g. the visionary managerial discussion ” State Digital Transformation: Prospects and Risks of Cybersecurity”. Search our channel for the recordings.