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To develop meaningful cooperation between global cyberspace representatives in order to prevent and investigate cybercrime.

We are changing the attitude to cybersecurity in Ukraine by means of awareness-raising tools and professional training.


To involve Ukrainian creators of safe cyberspace in global cybersecurity cooperation.


Trust, technology and learning.


  • 29.06.2022The 29th of June, Cyber News

    SSU Did Not Allow russian Special Services to Hack Ukrainian TV Channels Participating in the National Telethon. Hackers Have Hacked the rosregister website and Congratulated russia on the Constitution Day of Ukraine. News from the IT ARMY of Ukraine. G7 to Tackle Cyber Threats and Disinformation from russia: Communique

  • 28.06.2022The 28th of June, Cyber News

    IT ARMY of Ukraine Attacks the Economic Sphere of russia. russian Hacker Group Killnet Has Claimed Responsibility for a Cyberattack against Lithuania. Some Governments, with the Support of ISPs, Have Distributed Hermit Spyware to Android and iOS Smartphones

  • 27.06.2022Main Highlights of the Week: June 20-26

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

  • 24.06.2022The 24th of June, Cyber News

    Microsoft Has Released Data on the Number and Type of Cyberattacks, Their Direction, as Well as Links to Missile Strikes on Infrastructure. Cyberattacks by Groups Associated with China against russian Scientific and Technical Enterprises and Government Agencies. North Korean Hackers Have Become One of the Most Threatening Forces in Cyberspace – and This Despite the Fact that the Country Has Virtually no Internet. Apple and Android Phones Hacked by Italian Spyware, Google Says

  • 23.06.2022Strong Support of GC3 at the International Cyber Crime Forum 2022

    On June 22 in Pittsburgh (USA) Co-Founder & CEO GC3 Volodymyr Pavelko spoke at the International Cyber ​​Crime Forum 2022. This event is held annually by one of the world’s most influential non-profit corporations in the field of cybersecurity — NCFTA.


  • 23.06.2022The 23rd of June, Cyber News

    New Attacks of the IT ARMY of Ukraine. russia Has Stepped up Cyber Warfare against the United States and its Allies, Microsoft Reports. Ecuador Granted Snowden «International Protection» and Sought to Transfer him out of russia

  • 22.06.2022The 22nd of June, Cyber News

    Cyberattack of the APT28 Group Using the Malicious Program CredoMap. Google Representative to UN Security Council: russia’s Cyber Attack Purpose Is to Justify War Crimes. New Leakage from Anonymous. Japanese Automotive Hose Maker Nichirin Hit by Ransomware Attack

  • 21.06.2022The 21st of June, Cyber News

    Cyber Attack of UAC-0098 Group on Critical Infrastructure Facilities of Ukraine (CERT-UA # 4842). Ukraine Seeks to Join the Program of Development of Modern Technologies «Digital Europe». The Cybersecurity Consortium Will Appear on russia. The Presidential Adviser Compared the Cyber Attacks on SPIEF with the Bombing of Stalingrad/ Unknown Hackers Carried out a Large-scale Cyber Attack on the Website of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic on the Night of June 17

  • 20.06.2022Main Highlights of the Week: June 14-20

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

  • 17.06.2022The 17th of June, Cyber News

    Ukraine Is the 24th in the Ranking of Cybersecurity. Hackers Have Stolen the Information about 65 Million of russians since the Start of the War in Ukraine. Activities Anonymous. Microsoft Acquires Miburo Cybersecurity Analysis Company. Microsoft Recommends Upgrading Windows Due to a Hacker Threat

  • 16.06.2022The 16th of June, Cyber News

    The United States Will Continue to Assist Ukraine in Strengthening Cyber Defense. Hackers Claim that Security Forces in Belarus Are Eavesdropping on Foreign Diplomats, Including Russian Ones. CyberCube on Cyber Risk Insurance: Losses from Hackers Will Increase to $ 10.5 Trillion in 2025

  • 15.06.2022The 15th of June, Cyber News

    How Cyberattacks Affect the Work of Civil Servants. Results of IT Army Attacks. Russian «Izvestia» Wrote that Donbas Will Be Restored Due to Falling Living Standards of russians. And Then They Disowned the Publication. The Attention of Cybercriminals to Cloud Platforms Is Proportional to Their Popularity

  • 14.06.2022The 14th of June, Cyber News

    The Hackers Gave Kyivstar Two Weeks or They Should  Pay $ 250,000, or DDOS with a Capacity of 1.5TB per Second. Hackers Have Hacked the Internet Service of the russian VDTRK and Called for an End to the War. Hackers Have Hacked the Site of the «Supreme Court of the DNR». A Vulnerability Has Been Found in the PlayStation 5 Firmware that Could Allow Pirated Copies of Games to be Recorded on Blu-ray Discs. The Massive Phishing Campaign of Facebook and Messenger Affected 8.5 Million Users

  • 13.06.2022Main Highlights of the Week: June 6-13

    Latest highlights of the week in Ukraine, russia and the world

  • 10.06.2022The 10th of June, Cyber News

    Measures Are Being Taken to Cybersecurity of Seafarers’ Qualification Documents. russia Has Said there Is a Risk of a «Direct Military Confrontation» with the West over Cyber Attacks. Expert: «Ukraine Can Teach the United States Resilience to Cyber Attacks of russia». The Hacker Transferred 1 Million Stolen Funds to the Founder of Cryptocurrency Ethereum

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Access to GC3 databases/materials (including analytical) to prevent any potential damage, ensure business process sustainability and protect the corporate brand.
Meetings with representatives of the state, business, law enforcement agencies to discuss the issues of key interest areas.
Establishing the strategic alliances with representatives of various economy sectors and law enforcement agencies (tailored to needs of a particular partner).
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GC3 — organizer of the conference “Effective strategies in cyberspace”. It will be the another step towards the Ukrainian cyberspace players interaction with their international peers, a place for meetings and practice sharing between global and national cybersecurity experts.

Other events also are held on the basis of the Global Center for Interaction in Cyberspace, e.g. the visionary managerial discussion ” State Digital Transformation: Prospects and Risks of Cybersecurity”. Search our channel for the recordings.